Paying Tribute to John Madden

Everyone has their own unique story to tell when it comes to John Madden Football. Me personally I can still recall the fresh scent off the Super Nintendo cartridge Christmas 1991. 30 years sure does go by fast, after all I never thought I’d be doing an article about this….

Surely, as with any great series, there have been many ups and downs, but I can personally attest that this is the greatest video game of all time.

EA Sports and Electronic Arts overall have a great deal to express gratitude toward Madden for as his name is the thing that aided make and convey their NFL title for beyond 33 years. It nearly didn’t occur as EA initially planned to have Joe Montana be the substance of their game, however Montana wound up having an arrangement with Atari, which drove the organization to get the previous mentor of the then Oakland Raiders in 1988. The Madden series was likewise one of the first to have pre-recorded remarks. So regardless of whether it was a computer game it seemed like you were watching a genuine game on TV. At a certain point it was assessed that Madden himself acquired about $3 Million every year from the organization involving his name and similarity as of late as Madden NFL 20. Presently the word Madden is so interwoven with both the game series and the game, it has turned into another heritage that will no doubt live on for quite a long time.

RIP John Madden

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